Outline of Dead or Alive II Slots

In Dead or Alive 2, a gang of bandits will ride into town. The first Dead or Alive game was published in 2009, and now, more than a decade later, NetEnt has released the much awaited sequel. The initial impression we get of Dead or Alive 2 is that it has improved visuals, a more fluid gameplay, and an immersive soundtrack, in addition to an exciting free spins bonus round. The following is a comprehensive evaluation of Dead or Alive 2 slots, in which we will discuss:


How to play Dead or Alive 2

The three available bonus rounds and how to select among them

What signs to watch out for Money Sleek, high-quality images


Immerse yourself in a world of sandy deserts, lawmen, and outlaws.


Bonus games at Casino Three


Select from three free-spin choices.


Fantastic on mobile


Play in the browser without a hitch


Investigate High turbulence


Possibility of enormous returns



Outstanding aesthetics and Western style

Three bonus rounds with free spins

9 paylines with simple gameplay

Contextually suited for mobile Cons

May be too unpredictable for certain players.

No progressive jackpot

Review of the Major Features of Dead or Alive 2


How to play Dead or Alive 2

The slot machine Dead or Alive 2 has five reels, three rows, and nine potential paylines. The gameplay is easy to pick up; simply select your paylines and begin spinning. To win, players must land at least three matching symbols on a single line. We noticed that playing Dead or Alive 2 evoked memories of the first game, but with considerably better controls and a modernized aesthetic. There is a great deal of attention to detail in the graphics; we adore the animal skulls and ancient bottles in the reels’ backgrounds, as well as the intermittent hiss of a rattlesnake in the distance. This is an intense gaming experience, make no mistake.


Before wagering real money, we recommend practicing the game for free in demo mode to familiarize yourself with its symbols and aesthetic. The highest-paying symbol is the sheriff’s badge, which multiplies a player’s wager by 100 when five appear on a payline. This is soon followed by a gun, cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and whiskey bottles, with traditional playing cards representing the lower-paying icons. A unique feature is that each of the five wild symbols is represented by a different outlaw: Apache the Kid on reel one, Della Rose on reel two, Jesse James on reel three, Belle Star on reel four, and Billy the Kid on reel five.


Jackpots and bonuses are offered on Dead or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2 has three free spins bonus games. To activate the free spins feature, three scatter symbols (a bull skull with two crossed revolvers) must appear on any reel. This will grant the player 12 free spins and a choice between three bonus games: Train Heist, Old Saloon, and High Noon Saloon.


Train Heist is the option with the lowest volatility. Each time a wild symbol appears on the reels, the multiplier will rise by one and players will receive one additional free spin. Fortunate players will be able to attain a massive x16 multiplier; if they do, they will also receive an additional five free spins.


Old Saloon is the option with modest volatility and has the same layout as the original Dead or Alive game. All wins are multiplied by two, and a wild on all five reels awards five more free spins. The sticky wilds make it somewhat easier to achieve five on a reel, which is a great addition.


The High Noon Saloon is the most dangerous choice. When two wild symbols appear on the same reel, they turn into an x2 multiplier, and when three appear, they transform into an x3 multiplier. If any of these wilds contribute to the same win, their multipliers will be multiplied together; for instance, an x2 multiplier and an x3 multiplier will result in an x6 multiplier.


It is difficult to select amongst the three. We enjoy Old Saloon because it assures that every player’s wins will be multiplied by two. On the other side, High Noon Saloon offers lucrative opportunities. This option has a high volatility, which means that rewards are both greater and less frequent, making it a better alternative for patient players who can regularly reload their bankroll.


Dead or Alive 2 possibilities for mobile

2019’s Dead or Alive 2 is designed for mobile devices. NetEnt has assured that all of the game’s fantastic features, like free spin rounds, cut scenes, and animations, are available on the mobile edition. We tried the game on both iOS and Android devices and discovered that the slot operated well on both platforms. The layout has been altered somewhat to accommodate the smaller screen, but the overall experience is quite comparable to playing on a desktop computer.



Dead or Alive 2 is the anticipated sequel. The game’s excellent design and plot are beautifully complemented by its engaging bonus rounds and beginner-friendly gameplay. Whilst we would have preferred a progressive jackpot, we were really satisfied with the free spins bonus games, which can be just as entertaining at times. We urge that you give Dead or Alive 2 a try, as there is really little wrong with it.

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