“CSI” Time Slot

Analysis of the CSI Slot Machine

The online slot machine based on the CSI television series captures all the drama and intrigue of the original show. This IGT-made video slot incorporates actual cast members from the show as well as some fun bonus features throughout its five reels and twenty paylines. Read on as we study the CSI slot and present our findings in this review.

Slot Machine Information for the CSI Game

The fictional forensics team of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation investigates homicides in Sin City. IGT has effectively capitalized on the enormous global popularity of the TV program by adapting it into a slot machine. The show ran for 15 years. The game’s visual style is spot-on for fans of the original series. Crime scene tape, laboratory vials, a strand of DNA, and show regulars like Willows and Captain Jim Brass populate the reels. Animations and sound effects accompany the various features and bonuses, while a subtle music plays in the background, only being interrupted when winning combinations occur.

Slot Machine Instructions for CSI

The line bet, which may be anywhere from $0.1 to $5, is the first choice to make. The next step is to decide how many of the available 20 paylines you wish to wager on. You may use the auto mode to spin the reels up to a hundred times without having to manually place a stake each time. The four main characters from the show are the most lucrative icons, with 25,000 coins awarded for five D.B. Russell icons.

Features, Bonuses, and Symbols of the CSI Slot Machine

The CSI slot machine is jam-packed with bonus features and distinctive symbols that increase the excitement, suspense, and potential payouts.

Where the Crime Occurred

If you collect three or more crime scene symbols, you’ll enter the Crime Scene Bonus Round, where you’ll need to locate four evidence symbols to get a reward: blood, a gunshot hole, a shoe print, and a fiber.

Snap and Spin Again

The odds of getting a winning combination are increased if you land the Lock ‘n’ Re-Spin Symbol, which causes winning symbols to lock in place while other symbols continue to spin.


In CSI, Nick Stokes represents the Wild Symbol, which may stand in for any other icon aside from the Crime Scene, Free Spins, and Lock ‘n’ Re-Spin ones.

No Risk Turns

Free spins are a necessary component of every good online slot game. If you obtain three CSI logos, you’ll earn five free spins; get four, and you’ll get 10, and get five, and you’ll be treated to a generous 30 spins. During this round, whatever money you win will be twice.

This slot has so many bonus features that even if you aren’t a fan of CSI, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

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